samedi 2 mai 2009

Révisions CSS

Révisions du débutant à l'expert

What is CSS?

How to start coding CSS?

CSS Syntax

CSS Measurement

Link to external CSS file

CSS Font Color

CSS Background Color

CSS Background Image

CSS Background Image Repeat

CSS Background Image Position

CSS Background (combined)

CSS Font Family

CSS Font Size

CSS Font Style

CSS Font Weight

CSS Text Align

CSS Text Decoration

CSS Width and Height

CSS Box Model Concept

CSS Border Style

CSS Border Width

CSS Border Color

CSS Border (combined)

CSS Padding

CSS Margin

CSS Float

CSS Clear

CSS Display

CSS List Style Type

CSS List Style Position

CSS List Style Image

CSS List Style (Combined)

CSS Cursor

CSS Overflow

CSS Pseudo-classes (link)

Set same CSS rules for different elements (Grouping)

Set CSS rules to nested elements (Child Selector)

CSS Inheriting

Add CSS Comments

CSS Specificity

CSS Vertical Align

CSS Visibility

CSS Position & Offset

CSS Line Height

CSS Background Image Attachment

CSS Letter Spacing & Word Spacing

CSS Text Transform

CSS Important

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